“Die Kälte” issue 12/2011, page 40 Cool with propane economically and environmentally friendly

The cooling system builder William Schriefer GmbH proves with its chillers from standard components, it is possible to reduce the environmental impact during operation of cooling systems to a minimum.

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“DKV” issue 2011/07 5th HKT summer event

About 100 guest took part in this year’s DKV summer festival, traditionally held in Halfing every 4 years at HKT. This year could be attended an interesting lecture. The interesting discussions with colleagues and friends in a cozy atmosphere came, not too short.

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The brand new 4-cylinder-model- type Typ HS 34

The brand new 4-cylinder-model, type HS 34 will have its premiere at Chillventa 2010.

This compressor is equipped with the Goeldner unique splasher lubricating system.

It is based on the pipette effect. The compressors working with this system are
predestined for operation with inverters also at low revolution speed. No oil pump is necessary anymore.

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Since January 2011, HKT GmbH is assisted by Mr. Dipl.Ing. (BA) Andreas Schiener (24)

Mr. Schiener is responsible for the engineering department and the design of
special units, chillers and heat pumps equipped with Goeldner-Compressors.
The young engineer comes from the European Academy of Refrigeration and
Airconditioning ESAK, which he completed successfully last year. He has already
attracted interest with a well-respected voluntary Project , the reconstruction of a
Philips cryogenerator together with two fellow students (see various press

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“Kälte Klima Aktuell“, Issue 05/2010. Don’t call it Leberkäs’

The company Neuburger (www.neuburger.at) is committed to quality. Not only at production of their sausages and meat specialties, but also in its refrigeration system.  Even at the frequency controlled compressors, is a high value placed on quality …

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“Kälte Klima Aktuell“, Issue 03/2009. Cost savings in the commercial refrigeration

There are many opportunities in the energy and cost saving.

How much (energy) savings potential there is in commercial refrigeration, the modernization of the monastery shows Stüberls Fürstenfeldbruck.

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