HKT Huber-Kältetechnik GmbH becomes Huber Karl Kältekomponenten und Engineering

As the demand for NH3 compressors with small capacity (below 100kW) has grown increasingly and still is increasing, HKT GmbH has repositioned itself.

This means that the production and distribution of ammonia compressors and compressor sets, as well as their spare parts, will be continued together with our partners in the relevant countries.

Open type Goeldner ammonia compressors from 6…100kW capacity are now operating in the field for 30 years.

With it HKT and thus HK, represented by Karl Huber, is one of the most experienced suppliers of R717 and R723 applications with small capacity compressors.

All operators of plants with Goeldner brand NH3 compressors can be sure that this is a step into a safe future. Also in view of the unbeaten ecological and economic advantages of NH3.

Because ammonia is one of the few, truly 100%, natural refrigerants. Anyone who builds or operates an ammonia plant not only secures the future of his installation, but also makes an active contribution to relieving the burden on our environment. We want and we will continue to support this.

Goeldner-Motion series

The Goeldner-Motion series -
semi-hermetic compressors with frequency inverter.
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Semi-hermetic series

The HKT series with semi-hermetic compressors, compressor units, condensing units and 2-stage compressors. to the Products >>>

Open-type compressor series

The HKT series with open-type compressors, compressor units and condensing units.
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