The Goeldner-Motion family

GOELDNER COMPRESSOR have proven themselves for decades in many applications. Now the semi-hermetic compressors of the 2-cylinder-series  HS 12, HS 22, HS 32 and the 4-cylinder semi-hermetic compressors HS  34 are optionally equipped with a frequency instead of the terminal box.  Because of the special lubricating system of the type HS 12 and HS 22 and the shaft bearing with ball bearings, has a working range from 20Hz to 60Hz without major restrictions with the refrigerants R134a, R404A/R507, R407C in all the above mentioned types of Goeldner-motion series.

Cost savings through:

  • extremely simplified startup
  • factory pre-programming
  • Space in control cabinets is saved
  • not shielded wires to the compressor
  • a PID controller is integrated in the inverter
  • Terminal box is not needed
  • Thermistor tripping unit (INT69V) not applicable
  • External power filter eliminated
  • Reduce the cost of installation
  • faster installation
  • pressure transmitter connected ready
  • optimal performance control of the compressor