Product information for Chillventa 2014, Halle 4A, Stand 321

HKT Goeldner-Compressors

Natural refrigerants, low GWP and special applications with Goeldner-Compressors


On 2014 HKT Huber-Kälte GmbH, manufacturer of Goeldner-Compressors, will emphasise on the natural- and low GWP refrigerants, as well as efficient special applications.

Within this context a high temperature heat pump for domestic hot water preparation, which has Goeldner-Motion-Compressor on board, will be presented. Through this unit it is shown how efficient a heat pump working at 80°C can be, if it is built of high quality components and a sophisticated concept.

Secondly a R723 (mixture of ammonia and dimethylether) out of the range “TwinEco” will be on HKT booth. This device uses the electrical drive capacity in both directions.

With it 5,2kW thermal and 4,3kW cooling energy are produced from 1kW electrical energy. In a hotel for example you can make warm water or heat the spa/swimming pool on the warm side and run the air condition/cold room on the other side.

The Goeldner-Motion-Range HS/HT 12 to HS/HT 34 will be equipped with the new on board inverters (IP65). In co-operation with the manufacturer of the inverters it was possible to program the motec 8400 with the same characteristics like the predecessor types with 15 years experience. The new devices can be adopted to the existing system without big changes. At this the system not only gets profit from the new design (smaller and less weight) it also has a much higher starting torque (200% for 60sec compared to 160%). If an inverter of the range 8400 has to be changed it is equipped with a storage module which can be plugged into the new one and no more programming is necessary. The machine is in operation again without delay.

As well the whole Goeldner-Compressor-Range, with its unique features like the bearing of the eccentric shaft by ball bearings and the pipette lubrication system, will be shown. This design makes the compressors operating very well and absolutely reliable also with the extremely oil soluble hydrocarbon refrigerants in a wide speed range from 20 to 75Hz (600…2200rpm).

All open-type Goeldner-Compressors made by HKT Huber-Kälte-Technik GmbH are given free for NH3 (R717) as well ammonia/dimethyl-ether (R723). The direct coupled motor-compressor unit, type O 12 1DK100, will be there. It is the smallest available unit on market, only having a stroke volume of 6m3/h.

Additionally different compressor units, parallel units and condensing units built of the HKT construction set with Goeldner-Motion-Compressors on board will be shown. With these units HKT is in the position to supply tailor made and energy efficient solutions for nearly every demand.

Further the delivery extent and configuration of the compressors and units are pushed. At which the Goeldner-Motion-Condensing-Units are equipped with EC external impeller motors in addition with the relevant controls. But also the big 4 cylinder compressors, type HS/HT 54, are by standard equipped with the latest diagnosis motor protection device, combined with the AMS mini triple PTC-Thermistors placed inside the wiring.