Olympic Summer Party in Halfing

Pict. 1: HKT and Goeldner are synonyms

Since 20 years every four years HKT invites it’s customers and the members of the DKV Region Munich as well as his business friends and partners to a summer party at the premises in Halfing. On July 3, 2015, there was that time again, and about 100 people accepted the invitation and were guest at this festivity. And they came not only from Bavaria but also from all over Germany and even from other countries. As always there were a lot of prominent persons out of the refrigeration business, and that made this event over the years as a fixed date in the calendar of many of them.

The sun had very good intentions on this day, so that the activities had to make only little use of the large tent. There was plenty of beverage and no one had at temperatures just below 40°C die of thirst.

Pict. 2: Just ready made compressor on the workbench.

The first activity was a visit to the impressive production of Goeldner compressors, which is even of it’s small circumference not in any case behind the competitors. The machines made by HKT find their place not only where always Goeldner compressors were used, but also in many innovative applications, especially with natural refrigerants. It pays off, that HKT as a small but flexible enterprise is able to knit the right solution for nearly every application.

But the main content of this meeting was clear: It has been talked and discussed on god and the world and mainly about refrigeration business, -regulations, -laws and standards. The networking and the exchange of ideas were centre of interest till the Open End which was close to morning and after some delicious Bavarian beer from a brewery nearby cooled by Goeldner-Compressors.

Pict. 3: The talks under colleagues were the main content of the loose being together. Here the hosts in the midst of such a round.

This does not mean that the scheduled training contribution of the meeting went to the dogs. The tent was well staffed, when Prof. Dr. Peter Höppe of the Munich RE started for his interesting presentation on environmental risks and its real danger. He talked about in having well-established figures from the department of MunichRE he is responsible for. When evaluating risks, infection risks, the risk of accidents, behaviour-related risks (e.g. smoking, drug use a.s.) and environmental risks, such as climate change are in the focus. The reduction in life expectancy applies as a measure for risk. With interesting numbers he presented the risk in the use of different means of transport. Whereas the risk of an deadly accident with a car set to 1, compared to a private aircraft is at 6.5 and at a scheduled flight it is only 0.04, he told. Investigating natural disasters it leads to the conclusion that they increase significantly, in which incidents being affected by humans are extremely meaningful for the climate change.

Pict. 4:
Prof. Dr. Höppe captivated the guests with many concrete and interesting figures to life risks

E.g. the heat wave in August 2003, there were 70,000 heat-related deaths and from the overall loss of 12 billion dollars only 1 billion were insured. Summer temperature records currently occur 5 to 10 times more than in the past. for Germany the floods in 2013 were the second most expensive natural disaster. Since records began 136 years ago 2014 was the warmest year ever and 2015 is expected to bring a new record. The average temperature increase on Earth since 1880 is 0.85 K and the trend continues to point upwards. In conclusion, the human being must adapt to many negative impacts of climate change. The extremely warm days around the date of the summer meeting in Halfing (36°C and more) underscored the remarks of Prof. Dr. Höppe, although one should not lump temporary weather and long-term climate.

After the lesson dinner was served, the same procedure as every four years, which means a delicious suckling pig with typical Bavarian trimmings. In a relaxed atmosphere everybody could supply himself to his own taste and all tasted excellent during further discussions in the circle of the experts.

Pict. 5:
It really was a „Magic Moment“ when at one in the night the soprano Barbara Baier (Queen of the Night in 2005, at the Stuttgart Opera) sang „Moon River“, accompanied of the band Munich Swing, and the moon raised out of the shadow into the patio.

Late at night or better said in the morning the party on and on dissolved casually. The harmonious end of the day cannot be appreciated without looking forward to a follow-up in an other four years. Thanking the host and this wish most of the guests said goodbye.