Product information zur Chillventa 2018 – ”R723”-Compressors and -Chillers

NH3- and R723-applications are an emphasis of the open type Goeldner-Compressors.

Beside pure ammonia R723, a mixture made of the natural refrigerants ammonia and dimethyl ether, is one of the most efficient refrigerants easily applicable at present.

The open type 2- and 4-cylinder Goeldner-Compressor series, in a spectrum of  6…95 m3/h stroke volume are given free and available for ammonia (NH3) since 1993 and for R723 since 1998.

In 2000 HKT realized the first R723-chiller for production cooling at the family owned facility.This means having best experience on that topic for two decades in a capacity range from 8kW to 400kW..

On Chillventa 2018 HKT will show a 2-stage R723 chiller unit being able to serve the freezing area (t0 -30°C) as well at the same time the normal cooling area (t0 -10°C) with this natural refrigerant and also use heat recovery