The HKT-download area with compressor selection program and technical catalogs you informed throughout the entire Goeldner compressor product line.


HKT-Software HKT-Catalog HKT-Goeldner Motion


The HKT software package gives you a quick overview of application range and power range as well as the technical data of our compressors and condensing units. The HKT-software package is designed as a self-installing executable file. Click on SETUP after downloading. For questions, please contact

The HKT-catalog with technical data of the entire product range HKT.

The HKT-Goeldner-motion special section with frequency controlled compressor.

To view the full software package HKT or HKT-Katolog / HKT Goeldner-motion, you need Acrobat Reader. If you have not already installed the program on your computer, it can be downloaded at Adobe Systems Inc.