2019 HKT stops production of compressors >>>

2007 Moving into the new building, new address: Am Graben 8

2007 Symbolic Ground-breaking ceremony for the new premises of HKT

2005 The planning of the new premises of HKT is initiated

2004 Based on its expertise with variable speed compressors presents the HKT Goeldner-12×2 motion principle

2003 The open-type compressors Series O 12 … 54 for NH3 are also approved for R723, the mixture of ammonia and dimethylether

2002 Goeldner motion is extended to HS 34 compressors. So compressors with integrated frequency inverter up to 7.5 kW drive power are available

2001 Goeldner-Motion is available after given free within short delivery time. Also the types HS 22 are taken into Goeldner-Motion program. The operation of the FC controlled is shown on IKK exhibition which takes place in Hanover for the first time. With this HKT is the first and till now only compressor manufacturer offering a system made of converter, transmitter all mounted and ready connected on the compressor prepared for suction pressure control operation. The potential of this innovation is not yet exhausted.

2000 The first refrigeration compressors with direct flanged and connected frequency converter for an optimum capacity control through the compressor revolution are introduced as Goeldner-Motion type range basing on type HS 12 on IKK exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.
The double compound units made of GOELDNER-COMPRESSORS are standardised and taken into program under Goeldner-Twin-Compressor-Unit.

1998 1998 The range of GOELDNER- COMPRESSORS is harmonised, the model designation now in the name sorted in size and capacity HS 12, HS 22, HS 32, HS 34, HS 44 and HS 54, for the semi-hermetics and O 12, O 22, O 32, O 34, O44 and O 54 for the open-type compressors.

1997 1997 HKT GmbH gets in touch with P.R. of China and supports at the time 10 manufacturer with its’ technology to produce compressors for operation with R22 instead of R12. First sample compressors 100% made in China are already assembled. This project under control of world bank is brought to end in near future and the series production of refrigeration compressors “Made in China” could start.

1994 The new 50% capacity control based on a suction gas shut off for one pair of cylinders, is applicated to the 4-cylinder models. It’s characteristic feature is the placement on compressor and that there are nearly no restrictions in operation for all refrigerants the compressor are usable.

1993 After the 4-cylinder compressors demonstrated best performance, the 2-cylinder model are also given free for NH3. From there on HKT has a continuous range of 12 different open-type compressors, for direct coupling, operating with ammonia. The motor drive range goes from 2,2kW up to 30kW. HKT GmbH produces the smallest open type compressor for NH3 available on market it is stroke volume at 1450 rpm is 6.05m3/h,
This compressor is used in small air-conditioning units as well as in ammonia recover machines.

1992 All open-type 4-cylinder model are given free for operation with refrigerant ammonia. The same year the trials with soft starters were finished and HKT recommend the motor soft starter for their compressors. Due to this device the starting current at direct compressor start are brought below starting with part winding method being actual at this time. Soft-Starter are now usual and given free from most manufacturers for their compressors.

1991 1The compressor line IV and V were also updated with the new oil pump. The fact that now all 4-cylinder models are equipped with the same oil pump shows the consequent following of the construction set principle from Hans Goeldner the founder of Goeldner company. This principle leads to minimum stock at a maximum friendliness when servicing.

1990 The 4-cylinder-compressor type III HS and III O were first redesigned and updated with integration of the so called oil pump module. The semi-hermetic type HS 23 and open-type compressor O 23 were set up. These type is available in 3 piston strokes.

1987 At Jan 1st HKT started producing and distributing the GOELDNER-COMPRESSORS they overtook company Dietrich in Bruckmühl, Germany. Till May 1987 the production was placed in Bruckmühl, but at June 1st 1987 it was moved to Halfing and Karl Huber 27 years old starts with the management. First the business ran with one employee, and solely exchange compressors were supplied into market. The production of new compressors was brought up step by step.
To bring HKT up to most flexibility at a short reaction time on customers wishes the main suppliers were chosen from the region around Munich. So that at the same time GOELDNER-COMPRESSORS are at a high percentage “Made in Bavaria” which reflects the high standard of HKT’s products‘ quality.
On basis of the Goeldner machine HKT produces compressor-receiver units, condensing units and unit on special request, as well as compound compressor units for all at present mainly used refrigerants.
From the beginning HKT GmbH distributes direct ex works to the inland customer. The machining is made in the family own mechanical company.

1987 Mr. Dieterich, who passed away on 17th of May 1991, transfered the manufacturing and distribution rights for Goelnder Products to the company HKT Huber-Hälte-Technik GmbH in 1987. Today HKT GmbH manufactures Goeldner Products on the basis of the original engineering documents and gains increasing recognition all over the world. Inside Germany, compressors and condensing units are distributed directly by HKt and by HKT representatives.

1980 In 1980 the previous Hans Goeldner KG was taken over by company Dieterich in Bruckmühl, Bavaria, the distribution of Goeldner Products was undertaken from Bavaria ever since with clients all over the world.

1979 The company Hans Goeldner KG goes bankrupt.

1972 In 1972 the company was transformed into a partnerschip. The previous owners left. The shares were taken over by company Eugen Laible KG, Ulm, active in sanitary and air conditioning. This way the Goeldner KG became a part of the Laible Group. The headquarters were moved to Ulm with manufacturing in a new factory in Weidenstetten near Ulm. The company Emzet, previously owned by Goeldner, was taken over by Laible as well, however ist has been totally separated from Goeldner, even though sales of Goeldner products still went through coolin gequipment whole sellers as well as through the company Emzet. The major share holder of Laible was Mr. Bruckner.

1939 Predecessor of the company Goeldner and Co. is Goeldner & Bock, Stuttgart, later Nürtingen, founded in 1932. The Goeldner and Co. was set up in 1939. The company was a specialized compressor manufacturer from the start, the products, cooling compressors of open and semi-hermetic construction, are well known worldwide. Product range compreses piston stroke compressors and condensing units in open and semi-hermietic constructions with a colling dapacity of up to 110kw and a propellan power of 22kw.

Note The founder and spiritual father of all Goeldner compressors is Hans Goeldner. He passed away in January 1993, unluckily largely unnoticed by colleagues in his field. He wasn´t abele to enjoy the praise and the merits he deserved for his accomplishments in designing and enginieering of cooling products, which occupied him the largest part of his life. HKT GmbH feels itself obliged to Hans Goeldners´s deeds and achievements and hopes to recover the deserved reputation by its own growning success.