HKT Huber-Kältetechnik GmbH stops production of compressors

Effective from Dec. 31st 2019 HKT will stop to produce it’s semi-hermetic Goeldner-Compressors, after now 32 years. HKT will further on attend to its business in the fields of supplying spare parts as well as repairing the Goeldner-Compressors. Of course all warranty deeds of the compressors supplied till this day will be observed.

Unfortunately the small series production of the semi-hermetic Goeldner-Compressors is not to present fairly anymore. Better said the price for the products is not to be realise at that time.

Based on this the shareholders of HKT have decided, like said above, to stop production of the piston compressors in semi-hermetic and open design. Separate from individual reuest.

If not done personally the management wants to thank all Goeldner-Semi-Hermetic-Compressor clients for the more than 30 years co-operation by this way.

Gold medalfor efficiency: Goeldner-NH3-Compressor for ice-rink refrigeration

Abb.1: Gold medal winner Twineco NH3-Refrigeration-/Heat pump unit for ice stadium

The HKT partner company, ABC FOOD Machinery s.r.o., from Bratislava, was announced by the Slovak Association for Cooling an Air Conditioning Technology (SZ CHKT) for the Gold medal. Subject is the most efficient ice rink of Slovak Republic of the last 30 years. The installation (2 racks) is each equipped with 4 pcs Goeldner-Compressors (Pic.1), type O 54 3/NH3. The ice rink was built in 2017 following the Twineco®-Principle. It reaches the maximum efficiency by full heat recovery of the refrigeration at a minimum NH3 filling.

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“Die Kälte” issue 12/2011, page 40 Cool with propane economically and environmentally friendly

The cooling system builder William Schriefer GmbH proves with its chillers from standard components, it is possible to reduce the environmental impact during operation of cooling systems to a minimum.

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“DKV” issue 2011/07 5th HKT summer event

About 100 guest took part in this year’s DKV summer festival, traditionally held in Halfing every 4 years at HKT. This year could be attended an interesting lecture. The interesting discussions with colleagues and friends in a cozy atmosphere came, not too short.

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“Kälte Klima Aktuell“, Issue 05/2010. Don’t call it Leberkäs’

The company Neuburger ( is committed to quality. Not only at production of their sausages and meat specialties, but also in its refrigeration system.  Even at the frequency controlled compressors, is a high value placed on quality …

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“Kälte Klima Aktuell“, Issue 03/2009. Cost savings in the commercial refrigeration

There are many opportunities in the energy and cost saving.

How much (energy) savings potential there is in commercial refrigeration, the modernization of the monastery shows Stüberls Fürstenfeldbruck.

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