Product information zur Chillventa 2018 – R290 (Propane) Compressors

HKT Goeldner-Compressors for hydro-carbon refrigerants, especially propane (R290) are successful in operation since more than 20 years. With the modified models the application range was widened again. This works without any losses neither efficiency nor safety in operation.

With the R290-compressor range “P” HKT Huber-Kälte-Technik fulfilled the strong demand on climate neutrally solutions for refrigeration an air-conditioning applications as well as heat pumps. HKT-Compressor – Manufactory now offers for each customer a suitable product. On Chillventa 2018 HKT will display a high temperature chiller for max ambient temperature up to 100°C, working with a hydro carbon refrigerant being equipped with a semi-hermetic Goeldner-“P”-Compressor.

Product information zur Chillventa 2018 – ”R723”-Compressors and -Chillers

NH3- and R723-applications are an emphasis of the open type Goeldner-Compressors.

Beside pure ammonia R723, a mixture made of the natural refrigerants ammonia and dimethyl ether, is one of the most efficient refrigerants easily applicable at present.

The open type 2- and 4-cylinder Goeldner-Compressor series, in a spectrum of  6…95 m3/h stroke volume are given free and available for ammonia (NH3) since 1993 and for R723 since 1998.

In 2000 HKT realized the first R723-chiller for production cooling at the family owned facility.This means having best experience on that topic for two decades in a capacity range from 8kW to 400kW..

On Chillventa 2018 HKT will show a 2-stage R723 chiller unit being able to serve the freezing area (t0 -30°C) as well at the same time the normal cooling area (t0 -10°C) with this natural refrigerant and also use heat recovery

Product information for Chillventa 2014, Halle 4A, Stand 321

HKT Goeldner-Compressors

Natural refrigerants, low GWP and special applications with Goeldner-Compressors


On 2014 HKT Huber-Kälte GmbH, manufacturer of Goeldner-Compressors, will emphasise on the natural- and low GWP refrigerants, as well as efficient special applications.
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The brand new 4-cylinder-model- type Typ HS 34

The brand new 4-cylinder-model, type HS 34 will have its premiere at Chillventa 2010.

This compressor is equipped with the Goeldner unique splasher lubricating system.

It is based on the pipette effect. The compressors working with this system are
predestined for operation with inverters also at low revolution speed. No oil pump is necessary anymore.

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Compressors with frequency inverter

HKT Huber-Kälte-Technik GmbH – Productinfo Goeldner-Compressors for Chillventa 2008

„Pioneering concepts with Goeldner compressors“
– The HKT want’s to show inovations from the point of best efficiency if possible with the natural refrigerant ammonia, R723 and propane on the exhibition 2008th.

With it’s support and service always HKT enthuses its customers.

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The Goeldner-Motion family

GOELDNER COMPRESSOR have proven themselves for decades in many applications. Now the semi-hermetic compressors of the 2-cylinder-series  HS 12, HS 22, HS 32 and the 4-cylinder semi-hermetic compressors HS  34 are optionally equipped with a frequency instead of the terminal box.  Because of the special lubricating system of the type HS 12 and HS 22 and the shaft bearing with ball bearings, has a working range from 20Hz to 60Hz without major restrictions with the refrigerants R134a, R404A/R507, R407C in all the above mentioned types of Goeldner-motion series. [Read more…]