Gold medalfor efficiency: Goeldner-NH3-Compressor for ice-rink refrigeration

Abb.1: Gold medal winner Twineco NH3-Refrigeration-/Heat pump unit for ice stadium

The HKT partner company, ABC FOOD Machinery s.r.o., from Bratislava, was announced by the Slovak Association for Cooling an Air Conditioning Technology (SZ CHKT) for the Gold medal. Subject is the most efficient ice rink of Slovak Republic of the last 30 years. The installation (2 racks) is each equipped with 4 pcs Goeldner-Compressors (Pic.1), type O 54 3/NH3. The ice rink was built in 2017 following the Twineco®-Principle. It reaches the maximum efficiency by full heat recovery of the refrigeration at a minimum NH3 filling.

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